The most important room in the house (1). Самая важная комната в доме.

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Every room in a house plays a special role in our life. The living room mainly provides people with a place of entertainment, the dining room a place of having dinner, the storeroom a place of storing sundries, the study room the place of studying, and the bedroom a place of sleeping. In my opinion, among all these rooms, the bedroom is the most important room in a house. This point of view is based on the following reasons.

First of all, people commonly spend most of their life in bedrooms. Normal people spend 7-9 hours in the bedroom that is about one thirds of a whole day. If people pay enough attention to their bedroom, they will actually make most of their lifetime better. For example, if people have fresh air in their bedroom, that means they breathe fresh air in one third of their lifetime. As for other rooms, since people don not have to stay such a long time, their important are much less.

Secondly, bedrooms provide people a really private space. Different people have different tastes. In this private space, people can assign the environment as their will. They can decide the color of the wall, the arrangement of the furniture and the little decoration in their own bedrooms. Furthermore, if they want to be completely alone for thinking independently or just for quiet, staying in their own bedroom will be the best choice. This is another reason why a bedroom is the most important room of a house.

Lastly, good bedrooms can always help people have a good sleep which can make people recover from the tire gained from the daily work and well prepared for the following day. Suppose having not slept well for several days, people will be slow both in their thinking and action and they will even feel ill. On the contrary, with a good sleep, people will have a good mood and good energy. In the daytime, they will act effectively and they will probably do a good job. Thus their confidence will be increased. Therefore, bedrooms are the most important for it has big connection with the quality of the other time of people.

In conclusion, if you want to make most of your life time better, if you want to enjoy a really private space and if you want to get best prepared for the following days, give enough attention to your bedrooms. Bedrooms provide us the basic factors in our life. Therefore the bedroom is the most important one in a house.

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