The most important room in the house (2). Самая важная комната в доме.

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What do I consider the most important room in the house? Why is this room more important to me than any other rooms? As the questions pops up before me, so do the images of the various rooms in my house. I think that I consider the dining room to be the most important room of the house.

First of all, this is the room where all the members of the family sit down together, at least for dinner. This brings closeness among the various members of the family. It also gives each of the members an opportunity to relate his/her experiences during the day and share those of others. It is here where tensions die down when mother cracks a joke or dad relates a humorous incident of his job.

Secondly, this is where we feed and nourish ourselves. It serves as a point where you stop, even for a minute(like morning rush hours),and grab your bread and milk. The dining room serves as a showroom of the kitchen bringing the not-so-good looking vegetables appear mouth-watering. This is where you take your food normally.

Thirdly it is the room to which you turn too when a large number of relatives arrive. Set up some more chairs and you are ready to take care of all of them. Can you do this in the bedroom or the bedroom? Some will suggest outdoors as an alternative but do all people have the luxury of a lawn? And what if it is raining? Turn to the dinning room!

In concluding, I would like to say that the dining room seems to be the most important of all rooms in the house. It is a nourishment point, an expansion unit and a family hub, all combined into one. I consider it as the server of the modern home, networking all aspects into one entity.

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