Hand or machine (1). Руки или машины.

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From my point of view, there are many factors affecting whether to choose an item made by hand or by machine. The main factor to make a judgment is whether we use the item for our daily life or for collection and decoration purposes.

For items used in our daily life, the choices we make depend on the following factors: function, form, and price. Function is the most important thing for us. If a product is beautiful, but it is not able to perform the function, it can only be called a decoration, or a piece of garbage. For example, when we buy a TV, what we really care about first it is the quality of the picture and sound, how many stations it can receive, and whether it can be connected easily to the VCR and DVD player at home. The second factor that affects our choice of a product for daily use is its form.

Is the TV too big, too small, or too ugly? Will it fit into the living room? Will it be compatible with the colors of other appliances and the furniture? The third factor we may consider is the price. Even if we are very happy with the item, there is no meaning if we cannot afford it. So, in our daily life, there is really no difference whether our clothes or furniture are made by hand or made by machine. It just does not matter as long as they can perform their function. For items for collection and decoration, it is a completely different story. Ancient tools and historical artifacts have more market and educational value than modern day massively produced products, and traditional handicrafts make good tourist souvenirs and beautiful decoration for the house. Therefore, when it comes to items for collection and decoration, I would definitely choose items made by hand, because they are just so special.

In conclusion, depending on different items and different uses, I will make different choices.

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