Hand or machine (3). Руки или машины.

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The preference of machine-made clothes or hand-made clothes is a matter of one"s personality. Some people who like clothes produced by machine argue that the clothes are much cheaper, and the machine work surely beat those handmade ones. On the contrast, people enthusiastic at handmade clothes hold the idea of "rare is good" and they also believe that handmade items bear more meaning in them such as love, concern and friendship. As far as I am concerned, I would stand by the side of handmade advocators and my reasons go as following.

First of all, I believe there are some advantages in machine-made clothes, the main of which is their availability. It saves you time and energy to buy a machine made clothes in a department store rather than make a cloth by yourself or your tailor. And low price is also an attractive merit. As machine made clothes take advantage of whole made and wholesale, the cost of which definitely much cheaper than that of a single tailored one.

In spite of the above advantages of the machine made clothes, however, I still prefer handmade clothes personally. Handmade clothes have particular patterns and designs that entirely tally with my own tastes. When wearing the handmade clothing which is designed by myself, I will never worry about running across a woman who wearing the same dress as me. My clothes will be the only one in the world, the thought comforts me most.

Furthermore, no wonder that handmade clothing is the fittest clothing to you because it is totally tailor made for yourself. Consequently it will make your figure look best and make your appearance more confident.

Finally, a handmade cloth could be the most precious gift to your parents or friends. The cloth will convey your love and concern to the gift receiver.

In brief, the advantages of a handmade cloth outweigh those of a machine made one so much that everyone could draw the conclusion that handmade clothes are better.

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