Hand or machine (4). Руки или машины.

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There are many items that are either made by hand or by machine. For example, clothes are made both by hand and machine. My preference would be machine made clothing because the most merchants would carry it for sale during certain seasons and it is not as expensive. There may be one or two disadvantages to the clothes made by machine; however, I believe that there are for more advantages. The reasons for my view go as follows.

One of the minor disadvantages of a machine-made clothing is its quality. For instance, I would often purchase my clothing that is imported from Hong Kong or Korea, which has better quality than that made of my own country. In general, machine-made clothes are produced in large quantities according to season. When the season changes, another line of fashion will be on its way out for sale. Consequently, many businesses would not use higher-quality materials to produce their line of clothing.

The main disadvantage of a machine-made clothing is the quality of the materials being used. But the advantages far out weight hand made clothing because clothes made by machines are produced faster. Due to the quicker production; people can have access to the latest styles and colors. For instance, swimsuits, pants, shirts, tops, etc... have different types of styles, colors, and cuts. Due to the seasonal trends, majority of the people does not worry about the quality of the clothes. The second advantage of machine-made clothes is the price. Because these clothes are produced in larger numbers and the quality is lower, the pricing will also be lower than hand made clothes. Due to the mass production of machine-made clothes, merchants will be able to purchase a certain line of fashion in larger quantities. With larger quantities of same fashion around, the prices will also be cheaper. This will be a positive situation for the consumers, whom would like to spend as little as they can, but still wants to remain in fashion.)

Although I agree that there is a disadvantage to machine-made clothes, I feel that the advantages are more important. Machine-made clothes can bring the latest fashions from Japan and certain western countries. In addition, the price is lower. Therefore, in my opinion, these advantages play an important role in the consumers" decision to purchase clothes.

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