Gift for a child (1). Подарок для ребёнка.

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Children"s development plays a crucial role in building their physical and mental characteristics. It is known that children are able to absorb all necessary information provided by their parents and other adults. Their unlimited curiosity for discovering new interesting facts could help their development, especially in their early ages. We know that nothing could raise children"s interest and attention as high as various gifts we presented to them. Hence, every gift for a child should contain particular purposes to help in child"s development. In my opinion, a perfect gift for a child could be Lego toys.

I strongly believe that Lego, known for its impressive building sets, acclaimed and praised by pediatricians worldwide, has its versatile capabilities to help children develop creative, logical and imaginative skills gained during playing with this terrific invention. Children could create and construct many different objects, depending on their ideas and enthusiasm. They could spend hours and hours playing with this amazing toy, constructing from simple squares to intricate and complex objects such as electric automobiles, airplanes and spacecrafts.

The quite interesting fact of this toy is that parents could observe developing processes of their children in a short period of time. This advantageous aspect of Lego toys, in my opinion, could affect on significantly important increases of the children"s development. Such increases of logical and organizing skills could be accomplished faster than those of children, who do not have these toys. As a result, this advantage could provide much better results in children"s future school classes, especially in Algebra and Geometry.

Generally, toy-building sets, such as the already mentioned Lego, could effectively develop many important skills and characteristics, beneficiating children"s future abilities to think, organize and make correct decisions. Also, the most important fact is that children"s development could be achieved significantly during playing time with Lego toys rather than doing perplexedly complicated exercises, resulting in a slow progression. And as a result, this perfect gift could bring development, fun and enhanced imagination to children and their parents.

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