Gift for a child (2). Подарок для ребёнка.

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People enjoy endless excitement and joy of receiving gifts ever since they are very young. As reading this topic, I recalled the sweet memories of my birthdays, a little girl waiting beside the table expecting her gift from dear parents. In turn, if I am a parent who is choosing a gift for my deeply beloved child, what gift shall I give to my little girl? Undoubtedly, I want my gift to be meaningful and helpful on my child"s way of life that is long and awaiting. A book will be my best option since this chooses is testified by my own experience.

Books give little children wings of imagination. I remember my first favorite books were a series of cartoons called "Ddcat" in which a mighty cat comes from the world of future brings to a dumb little boy all the amazing inventions. I laughed for the funny endings caused by the boy"s improper use of those inventions, and I cried for the separating of these two dearly friends, but I was mostly amazed by the wild imagination — the ability that was later revealed to be gained in my own writings.

Books are children"s windows to the world. My own little, limited world was so much extended by books, which would take me to the North Pole of the Earth to visit the people who live in the world of ice, which would tell me the old tale from ancient time of how the beautiful princess found her love, which would show me the miracles of nature through the world of little ants. It was through books I first acknowledge such a world I live in.

Books teach children the principles of life. When I first cried for Snow White who was driven out into a wild forest by her evil stepmother, I learnt what was good and evil. When I went to my father to admit it was me who dropped the plate after reading the tale that children who lied would have long noses, I learnt that lying was a shameful deed. When I was touched by the wisdom and love in the book "The Greatest Salesman in he World", I learnt to pursuit the meaning of my life.

A good book can give children the access to the world of imagination, knowledge and truth. I believe that a book can contribute to a child"s development much more than a soccer ball, a camera or an animal, which is convinced by my own benefits from books. A book, with your love and care, may be a gift of life for you loving child.

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