Gift for a child (3). Подарок для ребёнка.

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Perhaps it is the happiest time for children when they get a gift from others. When picking out presents for children, probably different people tend to choose different items. In my opinion, a gift can always contribute to a child"s development no matter it is a camera, a soccer ball or a toy animal. However, as far as I am concerned, I would choose fairy books to help him or her develop.

Firstly, fairy books can help a child improve his or her mind and then learn to tell the right from the wrong. As we all know, fairy stories are all written from an imaginative perspective, which beautify the good and uglify the evil to the full. So through reading fairy books, children will definitely get to know whether a thing is good or not as well as what they should do if they are caught in the similar situations as what the stories put in the books. And I believe it will be more beneficial for them to learn a lesson from those vivid stories than just from the plain words of their parents or teachers.

Furthermore, fairy stories can stimulate a child"s incentive to reading, which eventually will improve his or her communication skills. All knows it that the communication skills such as reading and writing ability are most important in our daily life. Excellent reading ability helps a child understand the reading materials better; in the meantime, superior writing ability helps a child be understood by others better. Meanwhile, the attractive plots described in the fairy stories will always make a child concentrate on the books for long. Therefore, it is obvious that the children"s reading and writing ability will get improvement gradually then.

Altogether, fairy stories or fairy books not only can help children improve their minds, but also can help them better their communication skills. And such is right the reason that I would choose fairy books as a gift to a child.

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