A long vacations (1). Длинные каникулы.

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It is a hot topic among educational institutions, parents and students themselves about what kind of vacation students should have. Some people want several short vacations, while some others would like to have one long vacation each year. If let me to choose, I prefer the latter for at least three reasons.

For the first reason, to make use of a long vacation we can do something that needs a long time to finish. For instance, traveling far to several different interesting places would be the favorite thing for many students with heavy daily study burden. However, it is completely impossible for students to do such things if time is limited. Perhaps some students need to learn some new knowledge that they are interested in as a hobby, such as going to a dancing class, this period of time just provides them the best chances.

For the second reason, with a long vacation, students might be able to find a relatively fixed part-time job to practice themselves using the knowledge they gained in class which is beneficial for students" future careers as well as saving some extra money for expenditures of the new academic term.

The last but not least, long vacation means that the teaching time is concentrated within a limited period that will make the study more efficient. Such example is that whenever we come back to school from holidays, it always takes us quite a long time to get use to the study environment, which reduces the effects of teaching. So, it is reasonable to arrange the class in a concentrated time.

All in all, from the analysis above, I hope that the government or education institutions can adopt one long vacation instead of several short ones each year.

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