A traditional house or a modern apartment (2). Традиционный дом или современная квартира.

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I know there are advantages to living in a modern apartment, but I"d prefer to live in a traditional house. My main reason is that I love traditional designs. They are graceful and warm and inviting. I think modern designs are very empty and sterile and not appealing. So, because of the way it looks, I"d choose a traditional house.

I recognize the fact that a modern apartment is going to be in much better shape. Being new probably means all the plumbing works, the roof is not going to leak, the windows are properly sealed, and the kitchen appliances are in working order. A traditional house cannot guarantee any of that. In fact, it is likely that things will break down or need replacement, simply because of age.

Still, if the appliances are old, so is the wood, and that is a big advantage as far as I am concerned. Very few new buildings have the kind of beautiful woods that were used years ago. It is something that cannot be copied.

Space is always important to me, too. I need a lot of room for my home office, my clothes, and to display all the knickknacks I have picked up in my travels. I also like to have interesting space. I do not want all the rooms and windows the same size or a boxy design. A modern apartment usually comes in one size and shape. A traditional house is going to have a variety of spaces where I can put a little table or a window seat. And it will have lots of room, from basement to attic. These are all good reasons for me to prefer living in a traditional house.

Some people love modern design, but it is not for me. The space and beauty of a traditional home are more important to me than having everything new and perfect.

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