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The issue of the role of advertising in our lives is a very controversial one. Some people think that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need, because they claim that advertisements have the power to influence on our purchasing behavior. Nevertheless, my point of view is that advertisements are incredible source of information about new products that may improve our lives.

First of all, these advertisements can help us to choose things easier and also save our time. For example, as a result of such an advertisement, a few years ago I bought very useful tool to lose my weight. The only thing that I needed to do was to attach it to any problem area of my body for twenty minutes a day. Thus I did not to have do heavy exercises to lose my weight. The additional advantage was that this tool also helped me save time for my favorite activities.

The second reason is that quite often advertisements tell us about new products that can save our money. Again as a result of such an advertisement I bought some special micro fiber cloths, which could help me to clean my apartment only by using water. Thanks to its specific characteristics and possibility of long-time usage, I do not need to buy any more different kinds of liquids or powders for house cleans. Therefore the advertisement of this kind of cloth saved my money.

Last but not least advertisements can tell us about new products, which bring us new ways to cook healthier food. Fore instance, after watching a television advertisement, a friend of mine bought a special pot, with which she can prepare meat and vegetables without using any water or oil. This pot uses only the natural hot steam to cook. Thus it helps to keep more vitamins and minerals in the food, and get rid of the fat.

In conclusion, advertisements of new products definitely improve our life, because they tell us about things that make our life easier, save our time and money, and even cook our food better.

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