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Advertisements, one of the symbols of the modern society, are prevailing in every part of the world. Widespread and influential, advertisements are capable of convincing people to purchase commodities that they do not need. Among various factors that contribute to the phenomenon is the temptation of seeming lower price, the influence of celebrities and, in some cases, the exaggerated functions of the products.

The foremost reason for the phenomenon is that hardly anyone is able to resistant to the tempting low price, which is a trick played by the sly and shrewd merchants. For example, there are always so many products on sale that few of us are able to be sensible and rational enough not to be lured by the huge price tags with "sale" on them. As a matter of fact, the buyers are hooked by the seeming discount. By frenetic and irrational shopping, people would stock up piles of items that they actually will not be in need of in the foreseeable future or even for the rest of their lives.

Another subtle explanation rests on the fact that celebrities, who have been paid a considerable sum of money, play an important role in the effect of advertisements. Some famous stars are so influential that companies focus their attention on them and make the best use of their fame. As a result, a group of loyal fans would rush into stores and go into rapture if they are fortunate enough to possess one. Consequently, both the stars and the sellers benefit from the commercial game, regardless of what the consumers obtained.

The third convincing reason I would like to mention is that the exaggeration made in the advertisements by the merchants is also deceitful. It is, undoubtedly, confusing and puzzling for ordinary consumers to distinguish the unqualified ones from millions of products presented in front of them. In addition, a majority part of the merchants, some of whom are inadequate and inferior, are in the disguise of appealing appearances. Consequently, if is of no wonder that consumers would buy products preached to be perfect, a considerable number of them are nothing but a waste of money. Naturally, it is probably too reckless to maintain that advertising is a matter of cheating since some accompanying merits also come along with it, such as the aesthetic values.

However, the minor advantages will never prevent us from concluding that advertisements attract consumers to purchase useless products, because of their so called discount, the effect of celebrities and the boastful description.

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