Outdoor or indoor activities (1). Занятия на свежем воздухе или в помещении.

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Have you ever dived into a pool in the mountains? Have you ever jogged through the quiet forest? Have you ever enjoyed the sunshine on the afternoon beach? If you do not have such exciting experiences in your leisure time, you may sure lose something valuable that your life can offer. That is why I prefer to be outside than to be inside for my leisure activities.

Firstly, outdoor activities give me opportunities to touch the nature. I can remember how I was impressed by the beauty of the summit, which only successful climbers can see. Standing on the top of the mountain, I could even reach the blue sky. Outdoor leisure activities help us appreciate the sights of nature, which is not available in our ordinary routines, or indoor activities.

Secondly, outdoors activities are also beneficial for our health. Plenty of oxygen will refresh our brains. The Fresh air, the sunshine and the soft breeze are the basic elements that contribute to a good health. There is no doubt that the only way that we can access these elements is through outdoor activities. After all, no one in the world tend to refuse a strong body, therefore no one has a reason to refuse outdoor activities.

Leisure activities outdoors provide both the chance of appreciating nature and the most practical way to stay healthy. Those indoor activities cannot compare with them. So I prefer to do my leisure activities in the nature. I act outdoors, therefore I exist.

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