Outdoor or indoor activities (2). Занятия на свежем воздухе или в помещении.

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People would show different preference to indoor activities and outdoor activities. Some may be interested in spending their leisure time indoors, while others may be fond of the latter. As far as I am concerned, I would always prefer to be outside for my leisure activities.

In the first place, outdoor activities can provide me a pure natural environment in which I will feel more relaxed and refreshing. For example, I can always feel regenerated only after one-hour jogging along a quiet street, with the fresh cool air and wind around. Moreover, it is a real fun to travel and enjoy so many wonderful sightseeing in different places. During their vacation, most people would choose to travel to enjoy a period of leisure time so that they can refocus on their studies and businesses.

In the second place, participating in varied outdoor activities can help us increase knowledge through our own experience and widen our horizon. As a famous saying goes: to become wiser, you need to not only read ten thousand books but also you need to travel ten thousand miles. It is true when we go out we have the chance to meet different people and different things, which cannot happen if you stay indoor. We chat with people and exchange ideas, we visit many places and learn different cultures, all of which can let us know more about a true world.

In conclusion, I personally prefer outdoor activities to indoor ones not only because I can enjoy the relaxation and refreshment in the nature but also through participating in varied out activities, I gain valuable opportunities to convert theoretical knowledge from books into a kind of real experience.

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