How would you use a free gift of land (2)? Как бы вы распорядились подарком в виде земельного участка?

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If I have received some land to use as I wish, I would use this land to build a library. I like to use the following reasons to explain my choice.

The first and most important reason is that a library can bring plenty of knowledge to people. I remember the famous words that knowledge is power. Apparently, a library is the ideal place for people to attain knowledge. In a library, we can get all kinds of valuable information that we need, such as knowledge of geography, history, music and politic, and so on. We can imagine that it is so comfortable and enjoyable when we sit in a quiet library and immerse in the world of knowledge that we cherish.

Another equally important reason is that people can spend their spare time in a more meaningful way in a library. Now the life pace is faster and faster, so people, especially young people, like to go to see a movie, or to go to a disco party. In comparison with those places, I think that a library can provide a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for people who want to reduce the pressure of life.

Moving on to wider themes, a library is a good and safe place for children. Parents would rather let their children go to the library frequently than seeing their child spending lots of time in playing games or watching television. After all, a good book can provide children with enormous help to their future life.

From what has been discussed above, I may safely draw the conclusion that using this land to build the library for people will be my first choice.

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