How would you use a free gift of land (3)? Как бы вы распорядились подарком в виде земельного участка?

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Land is an invaluable asset and from time of immemorial it has been regarded with respect and perhaps envy by those who do not own any Land is equivalent to money in a tangible form and the potential of undeveloped land has to be seen then to be believed. When it is given in the form of a gift its value is infinite, because this is something that is stolid and eternal. I can let my imagination run riot when I see the various uses it can be put to. As it is a gift I am assuming that the land extends into a few acres.

I have always wanted to live in a sprawling house surrounded by gardens that are bathed in a riot of color. I need space to breathe and the matchbox apartments of the city make me claustrophobic. Long verandahs with porticos must open into rooms where light and air reign supreme. Luxurious bedrooms unmatched in size and decor, lounges which exemplify what they stand for, salons, elegant drawing rooms, a huge library, a study, studios to pursue my hobbies and spiral staircase which lead to the upper floors are what I envision as an abode.

That however is just the tangent of my dreams that touches the periphery of the land. Moving out towards the gardens I find I require even more space than I did for the interior. I need a couple of summerhouses and small private cottages to enable me to get away when I want. A conservatory filled with plants and unusual flowers, a huge swimming pool, a small gym and a spa would be fitting as extensions.

It would perhaps be selfish to utilize all the land for myself. I would like to do something for the people around me. A free reading room and a circulating library is something that many people do not have access to. This I would like to construct for them. To culminate it all I would like to use part of the land to construct a public park and playground for the kids who do not have any such facilities.

Dreams are nice and they sound even nicer when put into words. If I get a piece of land as a gift these dreams can become realities. I enrich my life style and those of others too by bringing joy and spreading it too. I wish it came true.

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