Forests should be saved (1). Леса должны быть сохранёнными.

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Have you ever stopped other people when they were chopping down the trees? Have you ever felt painful when you saw a large piece of forests were burning down by the fire from the television? Have you ever shouted to those people when they were using woods to build their house? Maybe you have not. Just because human beings have not paid enough attention to those events, many parts of the world are losing the most important natural resources—forests. I strongly feel that it is important to save forests on the Earth. In the following discussion, I will reason and provide evidence to support my point of view.

In the first place, the most important reason to support my viewpoint is that the forest is the heart of the Earth. Just like the heart of a human being that contributes to all of the circulations in a person, the Earth needs its heart to keep working. Everyday, forests take in the carbon dioxide, and by combining with the water, they produce the basic sugar ~glucose~for other living creatures and also release the most important gas to the Earth"s atmosphere-oxygen. Without food, a person can remain alive for 5-10 days; without water, a person can survive for 1 - 2 days; but without oxygen, no body can keep alive after 10 minutes. When people are destroying the forests, they are trying to ruin their own lives.

In the second place, forests are the significant resources to hold the soil. The roots of the trees stretch into the Earth and tightly grab the soil. However, after losing the forests, during rain time, the soil will be easily brought down. For example, because of the expansion of the city, a large piece of forest was destroyed in the rural area near my hometown. One day, one of my old friends went to that place to do a research. However, just as the bus arrived to the foot of a hill on which the entire forest had just been brought down, suddenly, it was starting to rain. The water brought down a large amount of soil and rushed down with unimaginable speed. Without a time for the bus driver to react, the bus was covered under the mud. The mud not only destroyed the bus, but also killed all the people in it. I cried when I heard the news, but no tears could bring my friend"s life back.

To sum up, forests are the important natural resources for our human beings to preserve. In order to live a better life, every person needs to take care of the environment.

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