Forests should be saved (2). Леса должны быть сохранёнными.

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Have you ever walked in a forest? How good it feels to breath the cool fresh air! Every one should admit that forests are very important to our life. But forests are disappearing quickly all around the world. We should act now to save them.

Forests are essential in protecting our land. In Europe the governments used to encourage people to cut trees to meet the nation"s demand of wood. Now people come to notice that with the decline of forest area large amount of soil is being washed off by rains and carried away by rivers. Without forests deserts expand quickly. They are now threatening the nation"s limited agricultural land. Now the governments begin to realize the importance of forests and is encouraging people to grow trees.

Forests are homes of many animals. Without forests animals cannot live. Many species extinct and many more such as pandas and tigers are endangered. The extinction of animals will be a big problem for our ecosystem and will even threaten our survival.

Forests also provide us with many useful things. Fresh air, Juicy fruits, meat, milk and rawhide are only a small part of what we gain from forests. How can we survive without these supplies? From the reasons stated above it is clear that forests are one of the most important natural resources, so we should do our best to protect them.

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