Smoking (1). Курение.

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Smoking is highly injurious to health and its adverse effects on passive smokers is well established. I, therefore, strongly favor the ban imposed in many public places and office buildings in various countries.

Smoking in public places and office buildings irritates and causes discomfort to non-smokers. Moreover, the passive smokers are also highly susceptible to various diseases like cancer and other ailments based on the findings of various researches. As public places and office buildings are open to all the people especially office workers, no individual has any right to knowingly cause harm/injury to others health.

The health problems caused due to smoking in public places/offices would result in additional financial burden on the exchequer to divert its resources in medical facilities to combat such problems. These avoidable health problems of the employees due to such few irresponsible smokers would result in increased absenteeism and economic loss to the companies. It is a common experience that offenders do not bother to follow any civic rule unless heavy penalty or strong rule is imposed by civic authority.

However, it would be prudent to provide some limited confined places in the public areas and in the office buildings exclusively for the smokers. These rooms are required to be adequately provided with proper devices for removing obnoxious gases like C02, S02, CO, N02 etc from the smoke before being released to atmosphere. A nominal fee might be charged from the smokers to discourage their smoking habits.

Finally, I strongly support such rule to impose ban on smoking in public places in order to avoid detrimental effects on the health of common people knowingly.

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