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There is no doubt that we human beings are social animals. Living in a society, we certainly cannot do whatever we like. Putting ourselves in other people"s shoes is a key principal to live in a social group. Smoking in public will violate this basic rule. Therefore, I believe that people should not allow smoking in public places and office buildings.

It is widely believed that smoking is bad for people"s health. Since not everyone likes smoking, the rule banning on public smoking should be enforced. It goes without saying that public spaces such as office buildings, department stores or classrooms are places for everyone including adults and children. The second¬hand smokes produced by smokers may be more harmful for the health of non-smokers according to the New England Medical Journal published several years ago.

Moreover, smoking is bad for the health of smokers. The rule might help the smokers who want to quit smoking. The rule can reduce the opportunities for smokers to smoke and gradually help chain smokers get rid of this bad habit. Smoking is a habit that is not easy to quit. The rule might use its legal power to assist the smokers to protect their own health.

Smoking in public spaces might be dangerous because there are a lot of careless smokers who forget to extinguish the sparkles after they smoke. The irresponsible action may lead to big fire and a great numbers of people will be hurt in the accident. Nevertheless, enforcing the rule can prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Some people might believe that it is their rights to smoke wherever they please. However, I would say that people who do not smoke have their rights not to inhale second-hand smokes and risk their life in dangerous places. Smokers still can smoke in their private places such as their bedrooms or living rooms as long as no other people"s rights are not damaged. After all, the rule is used to protect the personal liberty of everyone.

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