Wheat as an important plant in our country. Пшеница - важная с/г культура в нашей стране.

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There are many kinds of plants in Russia since our land and climate are very suitable for agriculture. As soon as I am asked what the most important plant in my country is, I undoubtedly point out that wheat is the most necessary plant in Russia for several important reasons that I will detail in this essay.

Firstly, wheat is the main kind of food in our country. Even though there is much more food here such as noodle or fast food, almost all Russian people still eat bread as their daily traditional dish because we have eaten bread for a long time from our ancestral age to the present time.

Moreover, bread still provides substantial energy to our bodies, so we have enough energy to do our activities everyday. For foreigners, they can have breakfast only with hams and eggs. For me, if I have breakfast with no bread, I feel that I am still hungry.

Secondly, as a agricultural country, exporting wheat is the main part of my country"s revenue. Even though we sell several kinds of plants to other countries, wheat still makes much more income to us than others. I cannot imagine if we do not have wheat as the vital economic product. I absolutely see the significance of wheat because even USA also eagerly tries to develop and cultivate wheat by itself in order to defeat Russia.

Obviously, no other plants can replace wheat in terms of the important food and the vital economic values at present and in the future, even though several kinds of plants are also cultivated here.

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