Are celebrities opinions right (2)? Верно ли мнение звёзд?

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In today"s commercial world, companies try to sell as much of their product as possible. In this scenario they try all means and methods to peddle their wares. One of their methods is eliciting the good offices of famous personalities such as actors, athletes and rock stars to endorse their products. But why would they resort to this?

Past experience and research must have indicated that this kind of propaganda does bear fruit and people are lured by the opinions of such high fliers. In my opinion blindly believing and following such opinions would be quite foolhardy. It would be more feasible if one analyzed the opinion using their own common sense and judgment and made an informed decision. Hence we should not totally disregard the opinions of these personalities but listen and act upon them in a sensible and discerning fashion. But blind faith without verification would not be advisable. Depending on the situation and the product being sold or the message being propagated, we could choose to follow or opinion or disregard the same. It would also depend on the credibility of the person endorsing the product. Even in the situation where the person is a big wig with an impeccable reputation I would suggest corroborating the authenticity of his/her claims before believing the same. After all, we are thinking individuals vested with the power of intelligence and the ability to choose.

We must not abuse this right. In some cases, we find famous people stating their opinions about a social cause... In this case, they are being used to spread more and more awareness and influence people into the bettering the society they live in. For example, we find some of the big shots in the entertainment industry rallying for AIDS awareness... yet others who encourage people to donate their organs after death. These are social messages for the betterment of the society. One might choose to listen to these messages and act upon the same, or disregard them... but at least one can give it a thought.

On the other hand, lets take another example of an issue that is still being hotly debated and is in the eye of a major controversy. It has recently been revealed that aerated drinks with coke as their basic ingredient contain harmful chemicals & pesticides. As soon as this rumor began doing the rounds, the relevant companies roped in the top-notch film & sports personalities getting them to endorse their product via equivocal statements about the safety of their product. The Health board took umbrage to this fact as it had not yet been fully proven that these drinks were indeed devoid of pesticides. They declared that the public was being intentionally misled. Thanks to the endorsements by the famous stars, most people, a lot amongst them being youngsters, disregarded the health warnings of the Health board and continued consumption of these drinks.

This example should lay bare the capricious nature of opinions of these famous personalities. They may be driven by financial and publicity seeking goals.

Hence in conclusion I would like to say that it is best to hear out the opinions of famous personalities, but finally make an intelligent and informed choice based upon our own experience, information and intelligence.

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