A change to remember (1). Запомнившееся изменение.

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The past 20th century has been a century of advances and developments: the emergence of the Internet and web technology. When I think of the 21st century, I am afraid to say that nothing but only bad come to my mind: overspreading epidemics, increasing religion conflicts and resources overusing.

The first thing that has hit my head is the overspreading diseases which modern medicine has nothing to overcome. For example, in Asia, there were hundreds of people who had a new disease called "SARS", a killer responsible for over one hundred people. In Hong Kong and Vietnam, the bird flu infected large numbers of poultry and caused children"s death. In the United States, the west-Niles virus is feared among public since it transmits through mosquitoes. All of these diseases are new to human because of their rare genetic structure. Such diseases challenge modern medicine. However, there are only prevention but not cure.

Another thing that on everyday news is the religion-related terrorists activities. Even now the American-Iraq war has been tensioned in spite of the last"s cease-fire. Some people say that this is a war between Christianity and Islamic, others insist that this a war aimed to oil power. As a result, innocent children and the public are sacrificed for those so-called "cause", meaning justice or security. It is hard for me to understand that how much human being have involved from animals, if we can only use force in this high technology time.

The last but not least thing that occurs to me is the concern of natural resources. Despite the fact that we are running out of available natural resources such as clean water, oil, and natural gas, our life is becoming more and more convenient, which means we will consume more energy than ever. This is also a vital problem for human"s existing.

For the three factors I have mentioned above, I believe that there are some changes in this century, although I doubt whether those changes will lead us to happier future than now.

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