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Which invention was the greatest invention of the 20th century has been discussed many times. Different people have different views. Some think the greatest invention was television; some think it should be cars. But as far as I am concerned, the greatest invention of the 20th century would be computers. The reasons for my opinion are as follows.

First of all, computers save a great deal of efforts people spend on calculating. Before computers were invented, people had to calculate manually. Sometimes it took scientists weeks, even months to have a result. Of course, they might make mistakes during their calculation. That affected the accuracy of data. But with the help of computers, people are freed from heavy calculation. If only takes seconds to have a result which used to take weeks in the past.

Second, computers can simulate different environments that cannot be created in real life. In the science research, sometimes scientist need to have a simulation environment to improve their theories or as a basis of further research. Without computers it is difficult to have accurate and reliable results. But computers can make everything easy. Just input programs and data everything will be done.

The reason I think is becoming more and more important nowadays. That is computer is the way of access to the Internet. The Internet was developed based on the local area network (LAN) of computers. Today, the Internet has become the fastest developing medium in the world. You can find almost everything you need on the Internet, communicate with friends, read news, watch movies, listen to music etc. But you must do all the above things on a computer. Cannot log in the Internet means behind times today.

Although many other inventions of the 20th century brought great convenience to human or changed people"s lives, computers have the most valuable contribution to human, and it will have much more contribution in the future.

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