Why people remember their gifts? Почему люди помнят о своих подарках?

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I have never met a person who does not enjoy receiving gifts or presents. In my opinion, the reason is that it makes us feel special and loved. Sometimes we appreciate more the attention of the person who gives us a present than the present itself. However, definite gifts mean much more than others; they have a great value for us and they become precious pieces of our memories.

There are many celebrations in one"s lifetime when he receives presents -birthdays, anniversaries or any other happy occasions. Some of them he remembers as more special and important than others. Why is so?

One hand the reason could be that the present means something really significant. It may also be truly expensive. Moreover, the gift could be unique and invaluable for the one ho has received it. On the other hand we remember some gifts as special ones because they have been given to us as a sign of endless love and care. Furthermore, they could be given as signs of appreciation and respect. Sometimes even the trivial present given from somebody really special could become a treasure. What is more - it could be remembered as one of the most special gifts that we have ever received. In other cases some presents are thought to be special because they are given as a surprise without any occasion and remind us that we are still truly loved or not forgotten. I consider that the answer to the question, why people remember special gifts or presents that they have received, is absolutely simple. It is because they are.. .special. No matter what the reason is, every one I know remembers his or her special presents and gifts.

I remember mine. And I am sure, dear reader, that you remember yours, too.

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