What do you do for good health? Что вы делаете для своего здоровья?

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"Health is wealth" is very much true. One must try hard to remain healthy. If we are healthy, we can easily fight with other problems of life. But if we are unhealthy our most of life will go in fighting with health problems. It eventually leads us to failure.

People do many different things to remain healthy. Some go for a healthy diet, other recommend exercise, and the rest thinks that health awareness is important. But in my view one must not think and act only on one aspect. People must go for a healthy diet, exercise and health awareness.

A healthy diet is very important for one to remain healthy. People must take care of their diet. Diet should be balanced. Nowadays Americans are facing a very big problem of obesity. This is due to their unhealthy diet. Most American used to eat in fast-food restaurants. Obesity leads to many health problems like heart attack, blood pressure, cholesterol problem. Fat people can work less and with less efficiency. I sometime eat food for my tongue"s taste too. But most of time I stick to my balance diet which contain fruits, green vegetable, and juices. I always take care not to intake more oily food or sugary food. Sticking to healthy diet put me in great shape and healthy life.

Exercise is also important. Nowadays people make lots of excuses for not do exercise. Some have time problem, some have physical problem, some have space problem. But I think these all are excuses. One can find little tome for his or her self for healthy life. Everybody nowadays is busy but taking few minutes out of this busy schedule make lots of difference. I personally prefer Yoga. Yoga not only gives physical exercise but also mental relaxation. Meditation is my favorite. This helps me in concentrating in my work as well as relaxing out of this stress full life. Few minutes of exercise can make lot difference.

Health awareness is a factor why people are living more. Nowadays life span of people is increased. People are living longer. This is because of health awareness. Regular medical checkup, clean -tidy life style, nutritious foods are few examples. Previously people eat what they found. But nowadays people read ingredients of food product as well as how many vitamins it contains. I personally select food product according to my needs of vitamins, minerals etc. I also schedule appointment with my physician once in a six month. And also take care of go to dentist once in three months. In total I would love to remain healthy and for that I will work what ever it takes. I also urge other people to stick healthy lifestyle by taking healthy food, exercise and regular medical checkup. I believe in "prevention is better than cure."

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