What events make a person an adult (2)? Какое событие делает людей взрослыми?

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People recognize a difference between children and adults. There are usually some certain experiences or ceremonies that make a person an adult. Some children are in a rush to become adults and it seems to be running away from it. The child can make others believe him as an adult, by acting like one.

In most countries attaining puberty is a big step toward becoming an adult, therefore many people celebrate it. For Moslems, puberty is very important, because from that point of time the child must say his prayers. Age is another important thing for adults to accept a child as an adult. That is way we celebrate our birthdays, reaching a certain age that might differ in different countries, but it usually is the same age as a child can vote.

There are many events that help a child act more like an adult. For example, working and earning money is a good way for those how to become adults sooner. It gives the child confidence to be independent. For example being able to leave their parents and stay on their own can make a difference. And of course being ready to accept responsibility changes the opinion of others about a child.

So there are many ways to that even when a child dose not want to become an adult will be known as one, sooner o later. And for sure for dose how are in a hurry there are lots of ways that they can prove to adults that they deserve being one earlier than they are expected to be.

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