What events make a person an adult (3)? Какое событие делает людей взрослыми?

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What are the differences between children and adults? After a short while staying with a couple of children and adults, one may discover the answer in several aspects such as the language skills, the analyzing skills and the ability to get along with other people. Obviously an adult acts much better in solving problems and working with other people than a child does. But what events make a person an adult? As far as I am concerned, two main events are vital to the process of growing up: the experience of education and the experience of social activities.

Firstly, the most remarkable differences between children and adults are the language skills and the analyzing skills. Education is the most efficient channel to help children develop all these abilities. In grammar lessons, children have the opportunity to master the rules of language gradually until they are able to understand the ideas of others completely and can fully express themselves. Through training in the lessons of reading comprehension, they learn to grasp the main idea, the structure and the organization of an article effectively, which enables them to absorb knowledge through reading in the rest of their lives. Also, the lessons in sciences like mathematics and logics contribute much to sharpen their ability of analysis. This ability is potentially a powerful device in solving all kinds of problems not only in their future careers but also their daily lives as adults.

On the other hand, to get along well with other people is a highly required skill for an adult. Children often encounter obstacles with their friends in occasions like distribution of toys. They frequently show insufficient care about others and lack the strategy of compromise. Such poor performances will be improved only by continual social activities during which children will gain the precious idea of team spirit and learn how to cooperate with each other step by step, until eventually they become competent group members, which is an essential demand of adults.

Taking into account all the descriptions above, with the two major experiences, as in education and in social activities, children would turn into qualified social members, namely adults.

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