Why study abroad (1)? Зачем учиться за рубежом?

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Nowadays, more and more students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Then why studying abroad is so attractive to people even though it often means greater expense and more difficulties? Because those students are bound to benefit considerably from their foreign study experience.

The modern world needs people to have comprehensive knowledge and experiences. The world is no longer a separated one in which each part can afford to be totally independent. The communication and interchange in fields of culture, business, finance and other human activities are so unprecedently frequent and vigorous that the general or specific knowledge of other members of the global village turns to be most important to the prosperity of countries, or the success of peoples. This kind of knowledge is usually better achieved if pursued abroad.

Furthermore, foreign experiences improve one"s willpower and ability of adjusting to a new environment, and one"s capability to overcome various hardships and setbacks. Young people are considered aggressive and ambitious. Their success is not based on comfort or easiness, but on their incessant painstakingly efforts and their never-ending willingness to surpass themselves. In a foreign country they are confronted with greater challenges, more unsteadiness and less help from their families and friends. All these undoubtedly lead to an independent, self-supporting, resourceful person who will also be sympathetic and generous to other people around.

With these advantages, we may conclude that the foreign study experience enlarges a student"s view of the world, as well as improves one"s personality and character, which will guarantee a more splendid future in his life and career.

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