Why study abroad (2)? Зачем учиться за рубежом?

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Recently, the rush of studying abroad has been gaining its popularity at an amazing rate. More and more parents have sent their children to western countries. Is it a benediction or a malediction? In my view of point, I suppose that the pros of studying abroad overweigh the cons. Admittedly, we cannot ignore that studying abroad has its drawbacks. For one thing, every year those who have been studying in western countries have to spend approximately 15,000 US$ for tuition fees which are out of budget of average families. Moreover, We have to face the barrier of communication because of the dissimilar lifestyle and teaching means adopted by the western universities, which does engender many student involved in disoriented rather than adapt to the local life.

Nevertheless, another side of coin of studying abroad is definitely exciting. Firstly, most of western universities, equipped with best facilities and well-educated professional team, can help students to have easy access to the latest knowledge of this society. It will undoubtedly dedicate to students to enhance their knowledge of technology and serve their homeland when they return to their home countries.

Furthermore, a degree acquired in a western university that are recognized by major countries, along with excellent foreign language skills, undeniably would guarantee a promising position in a joint venture company, which, to some extent, means high income and social status.

Last but by not least, living abroad for years, we may experience a totally different life in contacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore we will have a chance to establish our individual networks that will promote our business in the future.

To sum up, after all factors being taken into consideration, we might come to a conclusion that the advantages of studying abroad surpass its disadvantages. Albeit it may cause some difficulties to students, which can be overcame by arduous work, studying overseas will reward those people a brilliant future.

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