Group activities. Групповые занятия.

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Human beings are social animals. One cannot live a good life, if totally without others. Although people sometimes may prefer staying alone to think and do their things, generally, they have to join social activities. Obviously, group activities are an important part of people"s lives. Since the ancient times, people learned to live together. Compared with the cruel natural environment, human beings seemed too weak and helpless. Wild animals posed a threat to their lives all the time. If, instead of fighting with the severe nature together, by living alone, few could be successful to survive. People at that time had to take part in-group activities.

Even in today"s modern society, with the help of highly developed science and technology, people do not need to struggle for survive and life becomes no longer as dangerous and hard as before, group activities are still a necessary in many aspects. In my opinion the following are some important arguments.

First, group activities help people to reach their goals. As we all know, one piece of chopstick is easy to be broken, but when ten pieces of chopstick are bound together, it will be a tough job to break them. Suppose building a house, one person may spend years to finish, but when groups of people take part in, the building will be accomplished more quickly.

Besides, group activities can help people when difficulties arise. It is hard to imagine when a person, who never joins in group activities, suddenly got sick, what he will feel if nobody comes to help and take care of him.

The most important of all, group activities make life more colorful. This can be testified in our daily life. It is fantastic to take part in signing, dancing, or traveling groups, after tight-stringed workdays. But all this activities will lose their attractions and meaning if done by a person alone. Suppose a very sociable person may be surrounded by applause and respect. Absolutely this will boost up his self-confidence, and therefore makes his life more enjoyable.

Group activities have already become an indispensable part of people"s life.

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