Melodic Memories. Мелодичные воспоминания.

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As long as I can remember I have loved listening to music. Whether I am simply walking to the store or going on a trip around the world, I would need to take my discman. In fact, I would rather have my discman than my toothbrush. Music allows me to escape from reality, alter my mood, and even remember events through association.

During a year away from home, I might have the need to mentally escape from one thing or another. If, for example, I had an extremely bad day due to losing my wallet or suffering some sort of injury, I could use my discman as medicine. Merely put on the headphones and let the righteous reggae of Bob Marley ease my pain. Music can make us forget about our current circumstances, even if only for a few minutes. This reason alone would make me want to bring my discman over anything else.

Closely related to music"s ability to make people forget, is its ability to alter moods. I can imagine that during my year away from home, I might feel some form of homesickness. It is inevitable for all travellers, let alone teenage ones such as myself. If it ever happened to me, I could simply put in a CD. that reminds me of home and let it wash away my worries. Music can make me go from sad to happy and angry to relaxed. In this respect, music is better than any drug on the planet.

Finally, I can also use music as a tool to remember certain events during my year away from home. If I was in Paris, for instance, and I wanted to really remember what it was like to walk down the Champs Elysee, I could listen to a song by NOFX conveniently entitled Champs Elysee. Then every time I listened to this song in the future, I would remember what it was like to be there. This can also work with totally unrelated songs. A song can help you remember a certain trip or time just like the smell of bacon sizzling can cause you to remember waking up when you were little. Music can be a valuable memory aid.

If I had to spend a whole year away from home I would not have to think very hard about what I would want to take as my additional item. My discman is my best friend, my long-term memory, and my anti-depressant. I could not live without music.

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