What one thing would you take for a trip (1)? Какую одну вещь вы возьмёте с собой в путешествие?

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Whenever I prepare for a long trip, I remember that there is always one thing which I will remind myself to take with me every single time, that is a photo of my whole family, with my mom and dad and me in it. I know that one will be enough for me, and I tell myself at the bottom of my heart that this one photo will be my best companion through the entire trip. It constantly brings me back the warm feeling of home and it helps me overcome those difficulties on my way.

Wherever I go, one family photo always tends to provide me the familiar feeling of home and a sense of belonging. For any person, especially a sensitive girl like me, the biggest enemy is nothing but loneliness and fear. Immersed by that wordless isolation and fear of the brand-new environment you have to deal with. There are no friends by your sides to talk to and there is no one or place you can rely on. What do you need the most at this moment? I may say a photo of your family, of all your very dearest family members in it, your mom, dad and your brothers and sisters. They are the biggest comfort one can feel so directly and immediately. Their sincere smiles and their soft and emotional eye-expressions soon remind you again that familiar feeling of home and the power to assure you that no matter where you are, you are not a rambler in this cold world and you are not all alone by yourself, you belong to them and to that home.

Also, a family photo helps one get through one"s difficulties when they are on a trip. What do we think of the most when we are in trouble or in those tough situations that we have to deal with? Is it not our own families? What are we longing to see and hear the most? Is it not their loving faces and their caring words? Well, why not take a look at your photo in hand when they are not around at those particular moments? For it has a incredibly invisible power which can restore your inspiration and your faith at that very instant when your eyes make contact with your mom and dad. You feel as if you can see through their eyes and hear their genuine suggestions.

Relieve you from that desperate loneliness and comfort you when without anyone around but those hardest times come into life; that is what a family photo can do—forever be a very best companion of you on your way of that endless trip...

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