What one thing would you take for a trip (2)? Какую одну вещь вы возьмёте с собой в путешествие?

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When you see a beautiful view of rising sun, when you see a spectacular waterfall, when you enjoy the moment you travel with your friends, at this time, what do you especially want? I believe the answer is a camera. It is also what I would take in addition to clothing and personal care items when I plan to have a long trip.

The main reason for taking a camera is that a camera will record everything that happens during a trip. If you see a beautiful scenery, you can take a picture of it. If you meet a humorous and nice person on the way, you can have someone taken a picture for you and the new friend. If you meet a girl you fall in love in the trip, why not ask your friend to take a picture when you give a rose to her? Let"s imagine how disappointed it is if you do not have a camera with you at that time. Another reason is that each picture is a memory. Maybe a person will take many trips in his life, if you take many pictures in each trip, you will find it is just like a novel about your own life. When you are old, you will always recall many things that happened long before. At that time, you will take out the albums and look at them with happy tears. You also can find how you loved the life and what a pleasant life that god gave you.

Above the two reasons, you can find it is very important to take a camera with your trip. And that is my choice when I am preparing for a trip.

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