What one thing would you take for a trip (3)? Какую одну вещь вы возьмёте с собой в путешествие?

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If I were supposed to leave my home for one year, I will take surely with me, besides clothing and personal care items, the picture of my girlfriend.

I will take my girlfriend"s picture with me, mainly because she is the most important person in my life. Also to be able to see her all days and finally to remember that there is something important to return my home.

My girlfriend is the love of my life. During all the time I have spent with her, I have realized that she is the only woman I want to be for the rest of my life. She brings me both peace and security. Furthermore she gives me a reason to keep enjoying this party called "the life." No matter how, I will always try to be with her. That is why, carrying a picture of her can be a way to see her during all this long year. I could see her anytime I wanted to, no matter what time it is. In the mornings I would receive all her blessing thoughts just by looking to the picture. This would give me the strength to start the day with happiness. In the afternoons I could buy some food and eat in front of her to feel that we are eating together. Finally during the nights I could talk to the picture, pretending that she is there in the same place with me, and tell her all the experiences I got through the day, so that would help me to go to the bed not feeling alone but full of peace.

The picture would help me to remember that there is someone in other place who loves me and who cares about me. It would remind me that I have her to support me and give me all the confidence I need to be a better man in my life. In conclusion, If I have to choose one thing to take with me in a one year trip, that will be without a doubt my girlfriend"s picture. Basically I would feel that she is with me all the time, I would remember that someone else loves me and that I love her too, and finally the picture would bring me the strength and will to be a better person and return eagerly to my home.

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