A newcomer. Новичок.

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Students always face problems when they move to a new school. It might take a long time for them to get familiar with the new neighborhood and the new environment. And it is undoubtedly the responsibility of the schools to help them out.

The most urgent task is to settle the newcomers down and make them acquainted with the neighborhood. In some public schools, the school-owned apartment is far from adequate, therefore the schools may do something to help the students find apartments, as well as provide them with temporary accommodations. There is also little time for students to learn where the laundry, the post office, the supermarket, etc., are. Thus, it is helpful and convenient of the school to provide information as above for the new students.

Students do study. So it is also important for new students to be familiar with the academic stuffs of the new school. I believe it is the academic departments" responsibility to provider the students with such information. Introductory seminars help students be aware of how do the faculties to in their research work such that they can choose their research field and advisor rationally.

What is more, it is also necessary for the newcomers to be fully involved with the traditions of the new school. It is well known than different schools have different traditions, and these traditions should be a precious experience of the students. Then it is always reasonable that the schools provider some opportunities, for instance, holding lectures.

To sum up, the schools may take various measures to help the new students become acquainted with their new neighborhood, and to give the new students adequate information about the school, for example, academic information and traditions. These make the students familiar with the new schools as soon as possible.

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