Borrowing money from friends (1). Одолживший денег друг.

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It is claimed that developing a real friendship is a long and complicated process. Maybe the reason is that firstly people have to know each other very well. And after that they begin to trust each other and to prove themselves as real friends.

Unfortunately, it is as difficult to develop a friendship, as it is easy to ruin one. One of the things that can test friendship is borrowing money from a friend. I do agree that sometimes it could harm or damage the friendship. Money can destroy almost everything, in fact. Borrowing and lending money can be considered as signs of mutual trust. And if the money is not given back in time or not given back at all it will embarrass both parties. Thus series of misunderstandings begin which could actually ruin the friendship.

Borrowing money is often comprehended as a simple act of help and favor. But when the faith in the reliability of a friend is lost it will harm and damage the friendship for sure.

Friendship resembles a contract between two people, although its rules remain unwritten. And when one of the friends does not play by the rules the other one simply quits the game called friendship. The result is a bitter recollection from a damaged friendship. In conclusion-we have a few real friends in our lifetime and it would be a shame to lose some of them because of such banal problem as money. In my opinion, money does not worth as much as our friends do. And if we cause harm to any of them and if we ruin something so important and invaluable as real friendship because of money, it will be one of the biggest mistakes in our lives.

So let"s be wiser and never make a friend go because of money.

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