Money and friendship. Деньги и дружба.

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Friendship is the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world. Money, on the other hand, is the most essential thing in the whole wide world. So, while dealing with these two very important and sensitive things, one has to be very careful. Before giving my opinion about the topic, I would like to discuss with you some of the reasons which can harm the friendship and some which do not harm friendship.

Friendship is a relationship based on give and take. So, as long as there is both give and take, I do not think there would be any fear of harming the friendship. Some things to be kept in mind while borrowing money are:

1. Borrow money from a friend who is financially stable and does not mind sharing some bucks with you.

2. Return the money before deadline, even earlier if possible.

3. Do not make borrowing a habit. If these things are followed any good friend will be happy to help and the relationship will also be not hurt. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Some of the things that may hurt the friendship are:

1. Choosing a wrong friend to borrow money. Some people do not like lending money to anyone. Such people will lend the money if a friend asks for it. But then, they become very nosey and keep nagging the friend asking him to pay back. This attitude is very unhealthy for a good friendship.

2. Making borrowing a habit. There are some people who make borrowing a habit. It is ok to borrow money once or twice or when there is real need for money. If borrowing keeps continuing, it becomes very annoying and thus harm friendship, because, too much is always too bad.

3. Not returning the money on time. It is possible that you lend money to a friend because he was in need of money. As a good friend it is his responsibility to return the money as promised, because you may be having some other plans and be counting on that money. So delay in paying back (especially when the donor is in need), can be harmful to friendship.

Life is like a turning wheel. What goes up should come down. So we can never say when we could be in need of money and friends. So I think we should help real friends who are in need of money. We can also borrow money from good friends, but be careful in choosing the correct friend and keep up the trust.

As far as my opinion about the topic goes, I think borrowing money can ruin a good friendship. There are friends who say that nothing can come in-between them and they would do anything for friendship. But such ideas are only good in stories. In real world, money is a very important factor and can influence any kind of person. So chances of hurting a relationship is very high. I think "Friendship is like a golden chain. Once broken, can be mend again. But the scar still remains". So it is not worth to take a chance with the "highly influential money" and ruin an otherwise long-lasting friendship.

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