Conflict between generations. Конфликт поколений.

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Everybody talks about a conflict between generations. This is a well-known expression, used as an explanation for misunderstandings between people of different ages. Although sometimes this is an excuse for not recognizing who is wrong or right, it is certain that every generation of people is different in important ways.

Even though everybody probably thinks this way, the differences between my generation and my parents" generation are striking. The technological progress is a certain cause for these differences. My parents did not have access to information as teenagers nowadays have. Television, for example, was a luxury that not many people could have afforded, and even if they could, the television programs were very poor. I remember my mother mentioning how eager they were to watch TV series like "Samantha" or "The Giants" Planet." Those films seem so trivial these days.

Another important difference between our generations is caused by the type of political power that governed the country. My parents grew up under a communist regime whose main characteristic was censure. This censure prohibited them to speak up their mind in public. Strict rules must have been obeyed; otherwise they could have been seriously punished. Nowadays, we live in a democratic environment that cannot possibly be compared with the pressure of a communist government. This means that people are encouraged to think for themselves and not to fear to express their true opinion. Of course, this leads sometimes to violent acts from people who misunderstand the role of the democracy.

Differences between generations have always existed and it is natural for them to exist. Progress leads to differences of opinions and points of view. It is true that my generation and my parents" generation are different, but this does not mean that one is significantly better than the other one. I think we all should remember that before starting to judge one another.

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