Student-centered or teacher-centered education?

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There is a growing public concern over education methods, and the speaker in the title above advocates that education will be truly effective only when it is specifically designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each student. By contrast, some people may argue that the traditional teacher-centered way is more suitable for education. On balance, I would like to side with the former opinion.

First of all, the traditional teacher-centered education ignores the individual needs and interests of each student, which proves counterproductive. For centuries, we place too much emphasis on the importance of teachers in education, and take it for granted that it is the teachers" duty to determine what and how to teach, meanwhile, the students should accept what are provided to them. But recent study committed by many experts of psychology and education reveals that this traditional single-side education method has low efficiency, because this way of teaching puts students in almost a passive position. As our society progresses every minute, old concept of education should be transformed, from teacher-centered to student-centered, which will help to achieve more quickly and effective teaching and learning.

As a matter of fact, only earnest communication and interactions lead to better effects of study, and they should base on the acknowledgment of the differences from on student to another. Since teaching is a process full of interaction, a mutual understand helps teachers to adjust the way of teaching and to let students represent their reactions at the same time. Furthermore, every student is a unique individual. They may differ from each other in regards to reading, writing, comprehension, etc. Consequently, when teaching the classes, a teacher takes diversity of students into account is more likely to pass knowledge to students than a teacher who ignores the difference.

In addition, student-centered education can most effectively involve individual student in the learning process. When student-centered education is introduced, students will feel that they are be focused on, which may help them to participate in the learning process, and this proactive condition will contribute to effective learning. Not only do the students benefit from this method, teachers will soon discover that teaching is becoming a joyful thing, not dull any longer. Another reason to advocate student-centered education is the relationship between students and teachers, or learning and teaching, which was considered two separate things, are in fact two sides of a coin. Once the harmony between these two things is established, effective education will become reality.

However, when we suggest student-centered method, winking at students" unreasonable desired would only result in chaos in education. Like any method else, student-centered education may also have some side effects, if we do not make some rules to control students" behavior, teaching will a tough job and leaning will like playing games. Since these images are not supposed, appropriate management should be introduced with student-centered education.

In sum, it is very likely that people will never be able to come to the same conclusion on this controversial issue due to their different experiences and conflicting values, public awareness of the various dimensions of the issue discussed in the above argument will certainly contribute to the thorough understanding of the problem. Though different views exist, I insist than student-centered education with effective management will enrich our education.

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