Mother Teresa. Мать Тереза.

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People remember the memorable events and great deeds or achievements of great people of a country by celebrating specific holidays as a mark of respect and honor. If I have the opportunity to create a new holiday in my country India, I would like to add 27th August, as one of the national holidays to honor the birth day of noble laureate Mother Teresa to remind all of us about her selfless devotion to the poor, destitute and unwanted sections of our society.

Mother Teresa left her country, Macedonia at a tender age of eighteen and embraced the city of joy, Calcutta, to serve the poor. She initially taught in the Christian missionary school and later she was moved by the pathetic conditions of the homeless people mostly living in the slums. She gave up her teaching profession and started working with her meager savings for the uplift for the causes of the poor.

Initially she had to face the trouble weather from various sections of society. Her continued selfless devotion and love for such unwanted and neglected sections of people was widely acclaimed later on by majority sections of the society and generous financial grants poured in from various agencies. She had further extended her "mission of Charity" for the lepers, orphans etc with the support of over 1000 volunteers working beyond the geographical boundaries of India.

Her love and selfless social service is unparalleled and needs to be reminded on this 27th-August each year by different like-minded groups in the society to walk to different slums with the poor, lepers, orphans or people sufferings from various incurable diseases and bestow their love and affection. They should provide them with clothes, foods, gifts, and financial assistance and take them out in the heart of the city through a procession.

This would help the weaker sections of the society to join the mainstreams of the society and they will not feel neglected and uncared for. Moreover, such love and affection would avert the increasing trend of crimes in the society.

In the present day everyone is on a retrace for his or her material comfort and the human value is on the decline. The remembrance of Mother Teresa"s teachings would motivate people for contributing towards a great cause of the society and make this world a better place to live.

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