A car or a trip (1). Автомобиль или поездка.

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For someone like myself, the choice of spending my hard-saved money on a car verses a trip is a difficult decision. Both cost a lot of money, but each have their own benefits. Having lived my whole life in large cities where public transport has always been the most cost effective and efficient way of getting around, I have always spent my money on traveling. Even though I now live in a place where public transportation is neither cost-effective nor efficient, and where a person needs a car, were a friend to ask me whether they should buy a car or spend their money on a trip, I would recommend going on a trip.

Taking a vacation has more benefits than buying a car. There is a lot that can be learned about other people as well as yourself by going abroad or even traveling around your own country. For instance when I was in my early 20s, I traveled throughout Europe by myself. During this trip, I met a lot of interesting people both other travelers like myself as well as locals. Through this experience, I learned to appreciate other people. I also developed tolerance and independence, which helped me to grow as a person. Buying a car on the other hand, does not help you develop as a person. In fact, I have noticed that since driving on a regular basis, I have become more self-absorbed and less considerate of other people. Even this morning, I found myself getting angry at the driver in front of me for going 30 in a 35 mile zone. I do not wish this stress upon my friend. Rather, I would tell them to spend their money on a nice, relaxing holiday, which brings me to my next point:

Taking a trip helps people relax. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a nice long cruise or spending a few weeks Island-hopping around the Islands of Indonesia or Greece. You can live a stress-free life for a few weeks or months, with nothing but what to have for dinner to worry about. From experience, since owning a car, I have had nothing but stress. My car is old and is in need of constant maintenance and repair. Even now, I am worried that my car will break down on my way to work and not only will I be late, but I will have to pay for the towing as well as. My car is a continual expense that I have to budget for, while a vacation, if you refrain from using credit, is a one-time cost. Remember too that you can also take some spectacular photos. What is better? I would rather see my friend"s artful pictures of beautiful scenes and interesting people than photos of their car.

In short, I would suggest that my friend spend their money on a long, stress-free vacation where they can learn about other cultures as well as themselves rather than buying a new car. After all, on returning from this often life-changing experience, they can always work, and it will not be long before they have enough money to buy or lease a new car.

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