A car or a trip (2). Автомобиль или поездка.

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On the question of whether it is better to use one"s savings to buy a car or go on traveling, I, more often than not, prefer to the latter decision.

It is true that having a car has a variety of advantages; I must confess that I myself enjoy the fun of driving and the strong sense of freedom gained from owing a car. Superior as it is, nevertheless, it brings its own problems. For one thing, private car burdens the traffic that has already been over loaded. Every one of us must have experienced the miserable feeling of being stuck at tollgate on our way to office; only at this moment do most people realize how bad the result of uncontrolled increase in private vehicles can be. For another, it worsens the problem of environmental pollution. The fun of driving is one thing, while how to deal with the consequence of air pollution is another. It is estimated that every year the government of China spends well over 12% of its fiscal income to tackle the environmental damage caused by automobiles.

As a matter of fact, the advantages of going traveling outweigh any benefit we gain from having a car. First of all, studies show that traveling is amongst the most desirable alternatives of social activities. It is obvious that a person fund of traveling must be healthier that one "dwelling" in his car. Hiking, mountain climbing, camping, skiing, canoeing and all other tourism related exercises force us to use our muscles, stretch our bodies and deepen our breath. More over, the overwhelming joy of conquering a mountain peak or lingering in one of the most famous Middle East bazaars is surely out of reach in your car. In addition, traveling fans hardly have to suffer from the torture of sleepless which has long been bothering the "white collars". Still, the enchanting beauty of various landscapes and folk cultures helps broaden your eyesight and provides you with a brand new insight into the mysterious planet.

From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is not only wise but also socially desirable for us to spend our money on tourism rather than buying a car.

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