A car or a trip (3). Автомобиль или поездка.

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The development of technologies and industries has brought us many conveniences. With the help of modern conveniences such as cars, buses, trains and planes, one can travel a great distance in a short period of time. One of my friends has received a gift of money. He is thinking about using this money to buy a new car or go on a vacation. Personally I would suggest that my friend buy a car.

The first and most important reason is that a car can bring him convenience. Undoubtedly, nowadays people rely on cars for transportation more than ever before. For example, when he drives a car to go shopping, he may feel more convenient and can pick up more groceries than before because he can put groceries in the car trunk instead of carrying them by hands. Furthermore, when he wants to pick somebody up, or travel to a scenic spot, a car will make him feel convenient. Another great reason why I encourage my friend to buy a car is that my friend will not spend much time on commuting anymore. Everyday we waste too much time on waiting for a bus or riding a bicycle to work. We all experienced the frustration of taking a bus. After having their own cars, such the problems will disappear automatically.

Of course, if my friend decides to use his money to go on a vacation, I think that there are some advantages also. For example a vacation may increase his personal experience and knowledge, and may even reduce many troubles that are related to a car. But if all the factors are contemplated, I think that the advantages of buying the car will carry more weight than those of going on vacation.

From what has been discussed above, I may safely draw the conclusion that buying a car will be a right choice for my friend.

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