The 21-st century. 21-й век.

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The 21st century has just begun. Upon the question "what changes the new century will bring," different people have different opinions. Some may believe that the new century will bring us more awareness on security issues. As far as I am concerned, I agree with this point of view. I believe that safety and security are more and more important for our day-to-day life in this new century.

In the following I will try to make my position clearer. One of the most significant events at the beginning of the new century is the "9/11" attack. The terrorists launched an attack to the United States, causing lost of lives and huge damage to the world"s economy. Since the "9/11", there has been more and more worries and consciousness about the security issues in our life than ever before. For instance, when we travel abroad, we have to pass intensive security-checks at airports and borders. The waiting time at those places are much longer than ever before. In addition, nations have to invest greater amount of money to improve the security measurements during international events such as the Olympic Games, in order to protect personal safety of officials, reporters, athletes and audiences from around the world. Moreover, everyday we can hear from the news that some terrorists" attacks and wars are happening somewhere in the world.

The world has become a dangerous place. As a result, more and more people nowadays prefer to spend their holidays at home. In a TV show, "Faith POPCORN- Report", when people are being asked opinions about their homes, they say "my home is my castle". It is even said that it is more secure to live in the wilderness than in the city, due to the fact of crime, drugs and environmental pollutions.

Security issues has changed our lifestyle dramatically. Life will quickly become different for all of us. Therefore it will be more important to reinforce our safety in the new century.

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