Why are movies so popular? Почему кино так популярно сегодня?

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There is no denying that movies have inspired a seemingly endless stream of fantastic and exciting issues that we just cannot live without. In fact, the dizzying emergence of movie production can create everything we can imagine on screens and what is more they continue bringing us the most wonderful stars and classic stories that will be always remembered by us. Movies have not only been a kind of entertainment we can enjoy, they but have also helped build up an important part of our society.

With the high-tech development of electronic tools it is possible to make everything we are eager to see, especially something that people are always curious about such as dinosaurs, spaceships and even something very scary, unbelievable or gorgeous. For example, directed by an impressive well-known story, The Lord Of The Rings brings us to a supernatural world filled with miracles and imaginations that impressed people a lot.

Based on nicely written stories perhaps the most important thing is that movies introduce us those amazing actors. Not only are they so pretty and handsome but they also are the best artists that contribute to our world in many ways. Because of all the celebrated characters they personated, they are considered as the symbol of brave, optimistic, strong-willed and pure-hearted people who are dare to walk fearlessly towards the challenges. Encouraged by them, we become more and more confident and make our minds to be the truth seekers that will insist on overcoming every difficulty to stop being mundane and mediocre.

Even some stars were gone long ago they are still our irreplaceable spirit"s leaders such as Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, and others. Movies are always not just be appreciated by their dramatic pictures, they are deeply analyzed by worthiness, humanity, ideology and the complex influence they will bring into people"s mind. In conclusion, with gorgeous ornamentation and very valuable themes it is no surprising that movies are extremely popular overall the world. Known as the epitome of our realistic society, movies can always dominate its place and continue to bring us what we want to see in sight and what we want to feel in heart.

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