Land. Земля.

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Just as our human beings came from nature, we would return to nature sooner or later. It is self-evident that losing our natural condition means that we are building up a sepulcher for ourselves.

Nature is the original source of our food, house utilities and industries. So we cannot live without her. Sucked the nutrition from nature, we created a wonderful world. She is our mother who we always turn back on. Wise and resourceful are people to try their best to keep nature prosperous and abounded.

Many people may hold the wrong opinion that spending money in preserving nature is a big waste of money. Even though, it is true that we cannot see much of the returns in the near future, it is worthy in the long run. What is more, nature itself can make money. The beautiful landscape of nature that was saved will attract many visitors. We also have many different famous places for people who came from all over the world. In fact, it is a high-profit business and will contribute to our economic in the days coming.

Taking a look at our country"s qoe-state, our agrarian land is diminishing quickly. Nature areas are vanishing year by year. We are just facing a thorny way that needs us to take measurements on immediately. Thus, there is no reason to neglect the fact that there is more need for land to be left in its natural condition.

Burdening the great historical task, we cannot use up the limited source to fulfill our unbounded desires. Housing and industry but make us live a bit more comfortable now. They cannot lead us go further. We should leave what we have inherited from our ascendants to the descendants.

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