Pets (1). Домашние любимцы.

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Human has a long history of feeding pets. With the development of human society more and more people have pets in their families. They love to be accompanied by their pets and they look them as their family members. They eat with their pets, stroll with their pets, and even sleep with their pets. And I think having a close relationship with pets is very good for people, the reasons why I say so as follows.

First, having a pet is very good for children. Children always need someone to play with them, take care of them, but their parents cannot do it all the time. When children have a pet, for example, a dog, they will be attracted by it and spend most of their time playing with it. The children will not feel lonely when their parents cannot take care of them. Besides, that also makes parents have their own time to do something they need.

Second, pets are also good for adults, especially those works under pressure. Now many people work so hard everyday that they do not have time to relax and talk with friends. If they have pets, whenever they get to home they can talk to them, look them as persons, tell them what they are anxious about. This would help people to reduce their pressure and make them have a better mood.

Third, most of the owners of pets are senior citizens. That is not a coincidence. Because youngsters leave home for their new lives. They do not have much time to spend with their parents. The old people feel so lonely when they facing the empty rooms. Pets can reduce their loneliness. Old people can take care of them, feed them, talk to them just like taking care of their own children. And the medical research shows that patting pets, such as cats and dogs can reduce the blood pressure, this is also very important to old people.

Although sometimes pets make your room a mess, break your favorite vase, even some time they bite you, the advantages of having a close relationship with pets overweight the disadvantages. Have a pet if you like and enjoy it.

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