Pets (2). Домашние любимцы.

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Many pets are said to be men"s best friends. Though being only an animal or a bird, still they are considered to be a part of the family. They share a special bonding with the members of the family. I definitely believe that these relationships are good. There are many reasons to it. We see many families today with dogs or cats as their pets. We get a variety of pets" food. These families feed their pets with these foods available in the market and raise their pets like their own family members. Today the expenses for raising a child and a pet are the same. Though an animal cannot talk it can understand well and the same as what human beings do. Many pets provide emotional support to the family that they just do it by their mere existence.

Dogs are said to be the best caretakers. They bark upon strangers and welcome known people. In this way it helps his family by guarding them against any dangers. There have been many cases in the past were animals have actually helped in preventing robbery or any other unknown dangers. These animals do feel the same as humans do. When the family to which he belongs to is not there at home he becomes sad and stops eating. In fact these animals show different signs when they are happy. For example, dogs wag their tail when they see their owners or any of the family members. Since they have the same quality what humans have they are bound to get close to family they belong to and it is the same with the family too. They are provided medication if not well, taken to veterans and treated in the same manner in the way any other family member would have treated if unwell.

Animals are said to be their best friends since they do not stab the family they are in. There are movies that show different relationships, which an animal shares with his owner. These movies actually depict the real cases or the real emotion of the animals as well as the family towards them. They expect love and care, which their family gives. Also in a family, when a child grows up he goes to high school and then college. He no longer stays with his parents. But the pet of the family is still there in that family caring and being cared by the family.

Thus because of the human quality of kindness, emotional and well being animals form an important part of the family they belong to and the family treats them as one amongst them.

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