Pets (3). Домашние любимцы.

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Pets have always been a part of human life structure. Thus, each and every human culture contains different morals and regulations on treating the pets. For my part, I must argue in favor of treating pets almost like family members. I am going to mention two reasons to support the slightly altered idea.

First of all, I"d like to mention the fact, that no matter human, animal or plant a living thing has needs and feelings, which if not fulfilled, could have serious effects on its physical and mental (or spiritual) health. Thus, although one may criticize owning and keeping a pet, does not bring as much responsibility as raising a child, the concept of responsibility and caring remains the same in both situations. Consequently I believe the owners should be blamed in case they do not realize and accept the pet"s rights, and history of binding in the loving and caring natural environment, which fulfilled all its needs, and in case they keep and treat it as it were a mere source of entertainment or labor. As I mentioned before, a pet is almost comparable with a child. Taking the responsibility to pet an animal requires determined commitment to fulfill its needs and replacing the loving environment it could have in nature, with another loving one. Therefore, if accepted in the social culture as a member of the family, the pet is more likely to receive what it deserves.

In addition to the necessity of the sensational bindings and mutual relationships between the pet and its owners, which makes it like a member of the family, there is a disadvantage to this highly sensational binding. First, they owners should always keep in mind to prioritize emotional and financial needs of the human family members. Secondly, most domestic animals have shorter life than human beings, therefore the owners -in other word, human family members- usually encounter its death during their lifetime. As a result, I believe that the owners must always keep this fact in mind in order to prevent deep sensational damages. Consequently, although taking care of the pet"s health, the owners should be able to control their emotional reliance on the pet. However, the unsafe and corrupted human communication in our modern world makes lots of owners so bound to their pets, that they find living difficult after their loss.

A question has been raised on whether pets should be treated as members of the family or not. The needs of pets and the responsibility of the owners as well as the fact that pets usually die before their owners and that human family members must have higher priorities, make me agree with the idea in case the word almost could be added to the main question.

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